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UHMWPE fiber is quite different from other fibers. This material’s properties, including strength, toughness, elastic modulus, elongation, and more, are better than conventional fibers. We can improve the performance of composite materials by adding UHMWPE fiber, effectively reducing the weight of materials, enhancing strength, decreasing the difficulty of equipment design, and making them easy to process.

UHMWPE fiber has one remarkable advantage: low density. Results of competitive sports are not only determined by the capacity of the athletes themselves, but also their equipment. Therefore, state-of-the-art sports equipment must be lightweight. Sports equipment made from UHMWPE composite fiber can increase athletic performance. For example, the weight of a metal bar can be decreased by 40% if the metal parts are replaced with UHMWPE fiber. The mechanical properties of the bar will also be improved.

UHMWPE fiber material is also easy to work with. Metal material is hard to machine because of its lack of flexibility and plasticity. With the development of modern technology, sports equipment can be produced in a much more delicate design space. No matter how complex the shape, we can effectively achieve molding design with the use of composite material molding technology.

Finally, the tremendous force exerted during athletic activities may cause sports equipment to deform. In order to improve the service life and provide better performance, we must improve the mechanical properties of sports equipment. The toughness, tenacity, modulus, and other mechanical properties of composite materials are much better when UHMWPE fiber material is added. Moreover, the addition of UHMWPE fiber materials improves the anti-vibration performance of sports equipment

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