Aquaculture Nets



Reclamation of islands, water pollution, and air pollution have caused terrible problems, threatening offshore fisheries and gradually leading to a decline in quality of seafood. In order to cope with this crisis, the offshore fishery industry has turned to deep-sea fisheries. This requires aquaculture cages with much higher strength to withstand the impact of storms and decrease the rate of fry escape in order to increase farming income. UHMWPE fiber is very suitable for aquaculture cages because of the following advantages:

1) Highly resistant to abrasions and cuts, reducing the rate of fry escape

2) Highly flexible and resistant to wind and wave impact

3) Low density; hydrophobic property; easy to operate and clean

4) Soft, reducing the bruising of fish and shrimp in aquaculture cages during stormy conditions

5) Resistant to seawater, acid, alkali, and other chemical corrosion; anti-ultraviolet; has a long service life

6) High strength: 2 times greater than aramid of the same weight, and 4-6 times greater than nylon & polyester of the same weight

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