Crane Ropes



Ropes made of ultra-high-modulus-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) fiber get greater strength by using linear reinforcement technology. The ropes are much more durable and resistant to abrasion. Moreover, adding lubrication agents to the ropes' surface helps prevent fading and improves the coating's properties. The cables, ropes, slings, fishing gear, and sails made of this fiber are used widely due the following advantages: high strength, light weight, resistant to corrosion, hydrolysis and ultraviolet degradation, easy to carry and operate.


1) Low initial investment and comprehensive operating cost

2) High strength and carrying capacity (10 times the carrying capacity of steel wire of the same weight)

3) High modulus; abrasion and cut resistant; ultra-soft feel; long deflection life

4) Highly flexible; fatigue resistant; low elongation; accurate operation

5) Low density; easy to carry and operate; suitable for underwater operation

6) Little fracture rebound; resistant to low temperatures

7) High crystallinity; hydrophobicity; low moisture retention; chemical and UV resistant


Fishing and marine engineering: salvage rope, tow rope, super tanker, ocean operating platform, lighthouse, anchored and embedded mooring lines, load rope, heavy rope, marine seismic survey, offshore construction, submarine cable, sailboat sails, gliding, umbrellas, climbing cable, sail rope, and more.

Military applications:

Navy ropes, sails, paratrooper equipment, helicopter slings, etc.

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