Sport Fishing Lines



The fishing line industry has changed greatly over these years. Lines that have greater strength, are more durable, easier to use, and much thinner have become increasingly popular. Compared with Kevlar fiber, ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) fiber is much stronger, and the fiber is waterproof and resistant to ultraviolet light, salt water, acid, and other forms of chemical corrosion. It is more suitable to the creation of long-lasting fishing line and brings users the full experience of fishing pleasure.


1) Much stronger than Kevlar of the same weight

2) Low density (the density ratio is 0.97); hydrophobicity

3) Resistant to salt water, acid, alkali, and other kinds of chemical corrosion

4) Excellent softness and abrasion resistance

5) No physical memory

6) Anti-ultraviolet; good weather resistance; long service lifetime

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