Cut-Resistant Gloves




Cut-resistant gloves made of UHMWPE fiber blended with nylon, spandex, and glass fiber can meet Level 5 of the EN388 standard. The gloves possess excellent cut and tear resistance, and they enable workers to work comfortably for longer periods of time. The gloves are durable and washable, and they maintain their properties well after multiple washings.

Cut-resistant gloves made from UHMWPE fiber wrapped over steel wire are easy to wear, breathable, and flexible. They are very soft, and users cannot feel or see the steel wire when wearing the gloves.


Cut-resistant gloves can only protect hands from cutting tools or other sharp objects, not including knife tips or other puncture points.


Automobile manufacturing, sheet metal processing, tool production, glass cutting and handling, Seiko polishing, blade installation, forge handling, slaughtering, security patrol, field protection, disaster relief, laboratory protection, plastic and leather processing. The service life of cut-resistant gloves made from UHMWPE fiber is 500 times that of ordinary gloves.

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