Cooling Bed Linens




Cooling Linens

Due to global warming, sleeping in cool environments is increasingly becoming a luxury. Although air conditioners can help, they also bring many drawbacks. They consume a lot of electricity and cause other issues, such as the dry air in the room and the huge temperature gap between interior and outdoor spaces, which can result in an itchy throat, dry skin, and becoming more susceptible to illness. Thus, many companies have begun paying a lot of attention to developing diversified bed materials to improve sleep conditions. Sinty’s UHMWPE fibers with unique and excellent properties are applied to produce cool bed linens to help people sleep better in warm environments.

Our cooling bed linens have the following advantages:

1) Chemical resistant, UV resistant

2) High color fastness, up to 4-5 level

3) Anti-absorbent, anti-bacterial

4) Twice the cooling sensation of regular materials

5) Durable for many washes; maintain high quality after many washes

6) Cooling fabric made with UHMWPE fiber can lower skin temperature

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